Bogdan Soban

Born in Slovenia (EU) in the year 1949, graduated in mechanical engineering in 1974 and work nearly the whole carrier in the field of informatics. Actually pensioned and work as freelance generative artist. My generative art project was born in 1983 when one of the first home computer was accessible. My first computer programs “produced” geometrical abstraction. Step by step I have improved my experiences and now some of my works don’t show their computer origin any more. I introduce different programming approaches developing my SW pursue the objective to be different from others.

My basic challenge is to experiment new technological approaches in program development for creating art. In this case I use the program algorithm which makes possible to explore the third dimension of a picture to look for interesting details in its deepness. I used the Mandelbrot fractal calculus as the base of the program. To get enough good results I have to eliminate self-similarity as the basic characteristic of fractal art. This goal was realized in the form of integration of my previous mathematical algorithms with randomly deformed fractal calculation. The process wasn’t any more a simple enlargement of selected portion of the image but it has been behaved as a travelling into third dimension of an image. Submitted artworks “were found” at different depths and different locations of the basic image.
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