IV & CGiV Visualisation and Computer Graphics Education




Pre-conference short courses for half- or full day are invited for the topics that are related to the theme of the conferences. List of conference is available from http://www.graphicslink.co.uk/.Tutorials will take place prior to the conference. Proposals should identify the level of proficiencies expected from participants at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. You should include:

  1. Abstract of the topic (suitable for publicity purposes)
  2. Brief description of tutorial-organisation (e.g. is it based on past tutorial events or published book)
  3. Time allocation for major areas, the duration
  4. Level of tutorials (introductory, intermediate and advance)
  5. Other requirements of the course.
  6. Brief biography (100 words or less) and the contact details of the instructors.

Course proposals will be evaluated by committee members on the basis of its suitability as a tutorial format, the past experience of the instructors, the overall relevance and balance of the tutorials, and the likely attendance of participants. Any extra information on any these aspects will be most helpful.

Once the course proposal accepted, the course organiser must advise us of room set-up and equipment needed and they should prepare a set of course notes and a time schedule with the list of topics and speakers in chronological order. To publish the tutorial notes for the conference, the deadline for tutorial notes are 30 day before the date of event.